Trying to make a not realistic deadline,set today for yesterday. Pleasing clients is what I do.

With a little #catsupport, she is probably wondering why I'm not in bed so she can sleep on me.

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    Everyone's cats are loving and come hang out with them...then there's my two assholes that hate me. The only time they jump on the desk or beside me is when they're hungry lol
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    She does look quite put-out about it not being bed time.
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    I am not gonna talk to you anymore if you aren't in bed in an hour.
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    Haha her face made me smile, she's probably pissed her favorite human-pillow isn't sleeping yet.

    Oh well, I guess mine is wondering the same.

    (she likes to sit on the back of the chair while I'm working. She also likes to randomly attack the cursor, that is jumping on the monitor, and makes me shit my pants)
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    this is my debug face 😼
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    @CurseMeSlowly failed
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    @MisterArie expect me on top of you while you are asleep.

    // btw, read my comments as your cat's thoughts. If not, it would have been a dude asking you to come to bed and planning to sit on top while you are asleep :s
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    @CurseMeSlowly I wish, sleep what is that. Its like armageddon around here xD
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    atleast you have some pussy
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    "Blasted human.. I wanted my kibble at 7:26, exactly!"
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    KITTY :3
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