There's one thing I have most frustrated with, it's when a project manager has no technical knowledge.
They are like those people who makes you angry every time they open their mouth.
Thay just never makes sense and never understand anything.
Always wasting everybody's time.

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    Shut their fucking mouth
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    @asgs they are over sensitive
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    yes but can you educate them

    I think I just have issues with people who don't listen to feedback or think feedback is some kind of attack

    and even then I'll just keep giving feedback until something gives so technically I'm not the one with the issue I guess, generally they just see me as the issue. oh well
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    I had a project manager who had zero technical knowledge. But he knew where he wanted the product to go and trusted us to get it there regardless of the time it would take. If we told him it would be long and complicated, he never doubted our word. I loved working with him and we built a great product together.

    The project manager I work with now doesn’t have any technical knowledge either. He’s a dictator though and I hate it

    All in all I’d say it’s more a matter of personality and company context than a matter of technical knowledge
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    @black-kite absolutely! People without tech expertise (or knowledge) should just leave the people who do alone. That's where project management comes into the picture

    I worked with both kinds. The kinds that make the project successful are the ones who know and understand that they are not in the capacity to question the techies. They also know how to get the work done. It is what project management is after all, not anal rape quest
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    I have the opposite problem: management is from a technical background but have been out of the code for nearly a decade and where/are complete cowboys, so every technical challenge is "easy" and cheap to do

    Like @jestdotty said, I'll take a blank slate our team can teach any day over having to re-educate and abolish bad practices and habits in the old-guild, now management, devs
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    @MammaNeedHummus yea I feel this one. PM at our work has junior experience 5 years ago. Peppers his talk with incorrect technical vocabulary.

    Different guy, BA who was a proper programmer 5 years ago, isn't stupid but overbearing and doesn't understand specialties.
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    if they had technical knowledge, they wouldn't be a "manager".
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    the project manager I have to deal with has no fucking clue about my project. They constantly ask me the same questions I just answered, I update my tickets, they tell me to rephrase constantly. I know why it is like this, clashing personality types. INTJ vs ESTJ. Constant fucking power struggle lmao
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