What the fuck is this joke of an "event" for celebrating the 10th anniversary of this company...

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    And to make it worse, it's literally across the country for me to sit in an ice bath... Wtf
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    I have a book that talks about how cold showers can help with your mind. I cannot remember the reasons. This note isn't explaining any of that here. So it looks like a wtf.
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    Does your company force you to attend this bullshit?
    "Oh, we've been a thing for ten years now, let's hold an event where we torture our employees :) "
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    @Demolishun adrenaline and fixes hormones

    hormone is defined as "full body message system"

    cortisol is a hormone, so for example if that's messed up you'll have trouble waking up in the mornings because cortisol is supposed to be at its highest point in the mornings

    intermittent shock like exposure to cold releases human growth hormone annnnd I guess other hormones. so I guess it just jiggles them to function properly sort of like exercise jiggles things to function properly. turn them off and on again

    it's like, hey body, you think you're stressed now? TRY THIS!
    Then body isn't gonna be complaining about every day things no more 😏

    ... also brown fat / mitochondria growth which leads to more energy production (faster metabolism, more energy for your brain)
    also encourages blood vessels to become stronger and grow more so you can transport oxygen to your tissues more efficiently -- cuz of the shivering and shock
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    Screw that!
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