can you feel the walls closing in on you yet

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    Reddit has always been shit, largely because they cater so strongly to authoritarian lefties. Any dissenting opinions are ridiculed and then deleted, and the rules are incredibly strict. I have no idea why people tolerate it.
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    Reddit is full of Sids ngl
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    I've hit multiple bans and eventually a permanent ban for telling the truth
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    reading the screenshot and the comments here I had multiple bruh moments
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    I once was subscribed to a subreddit dedicated to my country. It accurately reflects the 70-something average IQ of my country. Won't recommend.
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    Moderation without being a moderate person isn't sensical for me.

    Moderation is more about negotiation on priority, rules or status quo of an outcome(in this case discussing on technical matter) that doesn't blind or force in the first place, otherwise you should call it appropriately "dictatorship".

    I never understood Reddit for this and their push to automate strictness rather than facilitate negotiation.
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