Sufficiently advanced XML is indistinguishable from satire

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    That's something I think clojure got right, .edn files make that shit much more readable
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    This isn’t even advanced but pretty normal XML.
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    I worry that those tag names are associated with a class name somewhere
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    crying in Roxen
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    xml is so crap in terms of file size too

    like Jesus please stop
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    @lorentz I’m sure there’s a bean generic factory factory somewhere.
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    It's not even closing those innermost tags
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    I work with legacy software and they overengineered it a lot through the 15 years. I only have 1 and 2 letter tags in most xmls. I don't know what they do but it seems like I don't have to.
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    @RageExpress they use way too many and you use way too few :)
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    @RageExpress English words are on average 6 letters. Your tags are probably more specific than that, but if you were a brilliant architect, the XML files were important enough to build your entire nomenclature around them, and your domain lent itself to metaphors, your tag names should be 6 characters on average.
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    @lorentz yes. clarity is always more important than brevity
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