Why is there no bytecoin? One bytecoin would be 8 Bitcoin.

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    There is.
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    Apparently bytecoin exists!!
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    I'd like one petacoin, please.
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    There is bytecoin the exchange rate is just shit.
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    @penderis that's due to bytecoin's scammy shady past (and present)
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    Sorry but how do you all not know BCN?

    What the hell :DDD
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    Did u know that there are Satoshis existing? 100'000'000 are ONE Bitcoin 😂
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    @Christian1998 Back in the old faucet days...
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    I trade other digital currencies like gold, timber and oil.
    I have already purchased an arrowhead upgrade and almost saved enough for an Ogre Mage...
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    Wow. I didn't really think that this drunk tought would have such a response and dang, why didn't i have the idea in june 2012 :(
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    Man, looks like bytes are expensive again.
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    Bytecoin is worthless right now.
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    Well, it's not like the cryptocurrencies market is not already oversaturated with small shitty next crypto-break-through wanna be's.

    This shit is so decentralized that we have more cryptos than real currencies, it's a mess imho.
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