Why is it that companies feel the need to ask, “Why do you wanna work here?” Or “What made you apply?”

Ah, idk, just spitballing here, you’re hiring and I’m unemployed.

I need money, and I heard you pay ppl to do work for you. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I have bills to pay and u have the money to satisfy that need.

Good enough or should I keep going?? 🙄

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    This question is valid and the answers you've provided are perfectly valid. Believe it or not, people have different reasons for applying. Money is usually not the only, and sometimes not even the main motivator
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    It‘s to make you explain why you chose this company rather than another company.
    If your reason is that they pay well, it‘s still a better reason than no reason at all. You don‘t want to make the impression that you don‘t give a fuck where you work at. If you don‘t care, then it looks like you also won‘t care about the quality of your work. And nobody wants employees who don‘t care.
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    sarcastic me: Because I like food and taking showers in my own place.

    me in reality: I need a job.

    what I say: I want to learn more about X technology and using Y languages. I need more experience with Z as well. Your company would give me an exposure to X, Y, and Z. I also like the A, B, and C projects your website talks about.

    Yeah, I look at the website and try and see what they work on.
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    I literally got asked this and was forced to record a video of myself saying why i wanna get hired. I ghosted them and didnt send shit
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    @b2plane I mean, you could have sent actual shit.
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    I always bullshit them.
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    My ambition is to be secure enough that I can ask back "Why do you want to employ me?".

    I don't mind coming up with the most compelling aspect of the specific job and I think that's a useful way to answer the question, but it just feels incredibly entitled.
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    @lorentz ha that's actually pretty funny. I'm ballsy enough I'd say it. if they feel it's an attack i would find it hilarious
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    Recently founder/CEO sent me email, directly, like wtf. He saw my GitHub and likes my work, wants me to join his company if I am looking for a job.

    I was. It was an interesting company.

    Me: Ok, let's do it.

    CEO: Ok, here's the link on the current opening just apply.

    I applied, HR came in with the email asking bunch of questions, i forwarded the email from CEO that I got in the first place. Sent CV.

    HR: I got your CV earlier from the CEO, but I just want to know why would you like to join us. Also we don't need JS developers, ok we do but not right now!

    I was like, get the fuck out of here, thank you and good bye!
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    @devJs perhaps ceo was non technical.
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    @Demolishun Between CEO and HR, I'd expect HR to be even less informed about the technology of the company.
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    @lorentz yeah, not sure on the mix there. My ceo is technical. Not in software though.
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    @devJs hahaha this is where I'd email the CEO and tell him hey HR seems to think you don't need JavaScript devs

    I hate telephone games. talk amongst yourselves if you're interested in this course of action or not.
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    @Demolishun actually CEO is big open source contributor and has done some pretty awesome things with both RoR and Typescript. So this isn't it.

    @jestdotty I actually CC'd CEO in all my communication with HR but didn't hear from him anymore.

    My last email was something in line with - idk where do we go from here, seems that everyone should go its own way.

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    @b2plane 😂😂😂😂 nice!
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    @Lensflare But, if u say, “this position pays well”. That to me would seem like a red flag from their perspective.
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    @netikras True. I just hate getting this question.
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    @Demolishun That’s a good response. I’ll have to remember that.
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    @b2plane I swear I hate those. I think I was stupid enough, on two separate occasions, to submit them. 🤦🏾‍♂️
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