But my computer won't work without EXES!

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    It also won't wirk without bits...


    ok I'm sry...
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    Define "fake family".

    From my experience, it's basically Everytime I don't want to give out money, then I'm just a fake, that's never there.
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    Not to forget the comic sans in the image
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    Toxic family? trashman already picked them up. They stunk so much I won't be missing them. ever.

    Shitty boss? out for collection.

    Fake friends? snipped them out of my life long ago.
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    My poor programming😥
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    Thinking about year ends as changes is a human thing but universe doesn't give a shit about human constructions and humans nature doesn't change in day.
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    Well my gf moved out two days ago and use Linux so there go the exes 🙋‍♂️ Wouldn't go so far as putting her in the trash though
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    @codingghost nature doesn't give a hoot about humans, either. (and nor do I!)
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    @codingghost if you think about it, date and time are just constructs of the human imagination. It doesn't actually exist, it's not a tangible object.

    Well shit.
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    @DucksCanCode yet thinking about that is also true that us and our imagination is part of the existence, so that date and time are there as well somehow.
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    My fake family? Im not gonna throw my best female friend with the trash (her gf woulf kill me if I did), she is like a sister to me.
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    @DucksCanCode imagination and constructs are like the trash of our mind so they are part of the universe as well. And devrant is our garbage collector. And about this rant, to prune old branches sometimes helps to make the tree grow stronger even if not ideal when talking about human relationships.. but true. Having said this shit too, I can now start picking up the laptop for the first day of the year 😶
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    func universe() {
    var trash = imagination + construct
    var humanMind = trash
    var devrant = createDevrant(from: humanMind)

    if devrant == trash {
    } else {
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