So this was only a few weeks ago. A client told us to turn our Android/iOS app into an app compatible with his phone - it needed to work online/offline and it needed to be able to take photographs. We didn't have much to go on but after a few calls we figured out he was using a very old Nokia (Snake era) that didn't even have a camera.

The hardest part was getting him to understand why we couldn't make the app.

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    A reasonable request if you don't have a clue. Which people don't have :) But still....
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    Yep you're right but that camera thing was what really got me! We spent a few hours thinking it was a new Windows Nokia...
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    @peaam Taking photos without a camera is fecking hilarious :)
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    buy him a new phone, hide the cost somewhere in your bill.
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    @heyheni I like the way you think :)

    "Send in the phone you want it to work with so we can fix it". Then remove the insides and stuff modern phone hardware in the empty shell.
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    @Elkstrom its a nokia, you'll need diamond grade tooling xD
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    lol sounds like a very familiar conversation.
    Or like when users try to print remotely from our PDA to who knows what kind of printer they have.
    "But it should work!"
    Does your printer have an IP address? Is your printer wireless?
    "But it should work!"
    What kind of printer do you have?
    "Well you guys need to make it possible to print to a printer. It would be useful"

    Oh I give up.
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