I am wondering what is the major difference between incognito mode and VPN?!

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    Incognito mode: no browser history on your computer

    VPN: no browser history on your ISP - theoretically + ability to spoof your IP so you can access geoblocked content (streaming , music ect) while under the right conditions not being traced back to you’re own IP / location
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    @C0D4 that means incognito mode we can't use to hack but VPN we can use to do crazy things...!?
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    @gundupatil although not my greatest recommendation:

    To hide your porn habits, use incognito mode

    To hide your questionable actions on the internet, use a VPN or Tor depending on what you’re doing.
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    In a nutshell: Incognito hides your porn for your family. VPN hides your porn for the government.
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    Okay ill try to be gentle because it seems you know jackshit.

    With vpn you basically connect to, say, www.totallylegitwebsite.com and thats what your isp will see. You can of course do anything you want, but all your traffic will go through that address.

    Incognito mode deletes you cookies.
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    Almost every VPN keeps logs and will rat you out if asked.
    Plus, you will probably leave behind enough traces that lead back to you.
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    VPN means virtual private Network.
    So you can Connect to a Network to access other devices in that network.
    Like a file Server that isnt accessible via the Internet, you just connect to a VPN endpoint and you are Part of the network, to which the VPN endpoint is connected to.
    You can use VPN to hide your IP and Mac address, Location, etc. Off course the VPN needs to bei properply configured.

    Incognito mode just deletes Cookies and history
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    I now know enough about VPN my question now is where's Real Private Network?!? Is there any real private networks?!!!
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    @gundupatil save some millions and buy a ISP (Internet Service Provider). Or use TorBrowser (not 100%, but your best option so far)
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    @7root I used to use tunnel bear 🐻 before! Thanks for your suggestions
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