Big "company summit" this week where everyone flies in and we discuss the future of the company (sadly not over drinks). I might be getting promoted with stock and pay increase, and allowed to hire another dev.

Yet, here I am, updating and sending out my resume, and hoping for something, anything.

A 30% raise wouldn't be enough to deal with all of this madness.

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    Hire me! I'm great, I'll fix ur jobs and do calls for you.
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    Hope you get something soon, till then try to enjoy your current predicament.
    And as @Condor said, hang in there...
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    How about 32% ?
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    @codebanana Maybe 50%? Maybe.

    They're paying on the low end for a typical Rails dev, and I'm doing full-stack with React as well.

    And I'm not even being a rails dev; I've written almost no code in weeks. It's all debugging and code research and catering to the whims of sales. lol the *entire* company is sales, save me. literally.
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    I feel you dude.
    Nothing can compensate for all the stress and trauma.
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    Good luck, you 🤗
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    @Root Ask them to increase your salary monthly by 10% instead of immediate 30%.
    Also you've been called a dude, which is fun.
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    Well don't give up that easily.
    There must be something, you probably need to fish it out at the same position.
    Try once! After all you are a Ruby person!
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    @knight But I don't want to stay.
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    @Noob Not really.
    And what, 10% every month forever? I could go for that.
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    @Root Well x*1.1*1.1*1.1 > x*1.3 so its already good.
    Then prolonging it is another project.
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    Ashkin never replies to the things I say. I'm such an irritating boy.
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    @AlgoRythm I wasn't aware you knew Ruby, or were serious 😋
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    A company full of sales people what can go wrong xD
    Just build a box we can sell that

    If you don't enjoy the workplace/people leave. They high raise would be a payoff too yourself for the extra suffering. Life is too short for that.

    That being said getting stock's can be interesting; do you get to keep them, if you quit you're job?
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    @Triskelion It depends if I'd get stock or stock options.

    Stock is property given to you, immediately, often in place of a bonus; it goes up and down in value thereafter as you'd expect.

    Stock Options are like a rain check for stock. The company gives you the option to buy up to `n` shares of stock, whenever you want, for the price the stock was at when you were given the options.

    You can keep stock if you quit -- it's property -- but not stock options. Unless of course you buy them.
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