I'm beginning to get burned out on coding in general due to work-related stresses.

Is anyone hiring remotely?

Will code in Ruby/Node/React for food ☹

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    i felt sad while reading this, wish you the best!
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    Don't know any remote work but I can offer you a hug: 🤗
    It's not much but it can relieve some stress maybe? 😊
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    Hey, this too shall pass. Stay strong! *virtual hug *
    In the meanwhile, maybe you can try and do some freelancing on freelance.com !
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    Ruby. Ugh. Hurts my eyes to read this word.

    If you are interested in fancy front end, learn webgl, plenty of remote work today for webgl skilled devs.
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    @illusion466 That's my solution to an overly stressful job 😋

    @sinisas Ruby is wonderful ❤
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    @theScientist uh, yes? Replace crap job with different, hopefully better job?

    And remote because I can look locally myself!
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    The last sentence made me really sad like nothing ever here. Hug.
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    @1989 everything but LinkedIn. I'm not a fan of real-persona sites.

    Might break down and do it, though. 🙁
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    @Root If you are interested, send your CV (I think you should get enough info from my profile; if not, I can write some tips...).

    We can have a call some time. I am in GMT+1 but working with GMT-6 - GMT-8 quite a lot due to the clients. Remote is not a problem.
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    Seems to be right in your alley.

    It might not be to clear but they have 100% remote employees
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    Much luck Root! I wish i could help..
    On another note, when i feel exhausted from code i realize its a good time to take a vacation i guess.
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    I am working on something, since past 9 months, and now i feel 2 hands are not enough.
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    @Root where are you based? I'd bring it up to my superior.
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    @hawkes PST (GMT-7?)
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    @christiaan !!! Thanks!
    I'll definitely look into that one. No clue how the tax law is going to work, though.

    @johngreen I genwrally avoid PHP whenever possible, but I might start looking into those, too.

    @bioDan yes indeed. I'm planning a weekend trip in a few weeks. Won't be much, but it might help. 🙂

    @gberginc I'm assuming I can look you up via your username. If I can find you, I'll send you a copy of my résumé. 😊
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    @Root my email alias is lemmy, domain is, as @1989 wrote, xlab.si.

    You can check my github link in the profile to see the projects we do in Ruby (they are all open source).
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    Is there a possibility to contact you in private? I do know an awesome company (worked there during my first years of Uni, never would have quit if not for very personal, company unrelated stuff)
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    @blancobloc I'll make a throwaway email today and share it here 😊

    @gberginc Sent last night!

    @johngreen An emotion? Get it away get it away! 😅 But thank you!
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    @johngreen 💛 Thanks! I'll absolutely keep that in mind.
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    @blancobloc root-devrant@tuta.io 😊

    Edit: Oh phooey, there's a 48h hold on the account.
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    @Root my company has recently opened an office in Boston - no remote work, but the chance to become lead dev / head of office very quickly (current one is going back to Germany after everything is set up). The work is Webdev with focus on eCommerce, mainly JS. Interested?
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    @Root become your own Bossman 😂 (too late for editing the prior comment)
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    @kb88 I totally don't think I can convince my family to move there haha
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    Just piggybacking in the thread.

    How do you guys/girls/whatever you might be, handle burn out?

    I mean, at my work I do stuff that I enjoy and I'm happy with it, but in the afternoon/nights I want to do some side stuff, but can't find the motivation. Even on weekends it's like "naaah, I don't wanna"
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    I thought only the rich kids code Ruby.
    Poor kids code react native for iOS on a window laptop with expo and hope it works.
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    Boy do I wish we had more engineers where I work. Too bad we just got some new guys and I have no clue when we'll be hiring for more... we have openings, but nothing for frontendy stuff right now. Bah. Need more engineers. Pretty much all but me and a few software engineers work from home twice a week and it's gets super boring in the office lol.
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    @evanjs Full-stack dev. I can do everything well except DevOps, which I'm just sorta okay at.
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