This may be limited to Germany:

Apparently you can get free vouchers (from 2 to 5 euros in value) on the website "pizza.de".

There is a lottery kind of game right now on this URL: https://pizza.de/casino/

If you just open the developer console and run "win()", you "win" the game and can enter your phone number to get your voucher 🤔

What idiot programmed this?
What idiot reviewed this?
What idiot put this live?

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    Wow just tried that for the sake of fun.I don't even live in Germany.
    That was fun.Maybe you should contact pizza.de and tell them what you found
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    Someone learning maybe... At least that's what I hope, if we're talking about a senior developer then the world is falling apart
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    LOL. 😄
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    I will eat free pizza for a week, then tell them
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    I think a few years back you could add anything as a pizza topping (or product) by just invoking some js method like .add(“something bogus”, 1.99). And yes, 1.99 was the price. 😄
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    Hope they deliver to Bulgaria.
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    @Picard Did they check for negative prices? 😁
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    Dont tell them. Nooooooo i want pizza. (gave my 2 euros here)
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    Wtf I hate JavaScript
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    @theannomc1 I think they cannot sue you unless you are accepting T&C where they forbid it. Not 100% sure though
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    Maybe the Developer Added it on purpose to leave it as backdoor for himself 🤔
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    It's a feature
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    Oh my freaking god, this is insane xD
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    what kind of sorcery is this!!!???
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    Senior developers do it. I have seen something similar where someone has a function loginSuccess where you can just pass the user ID and it would log you in.

    I contacted them and told them about it.

    His reply was, no body knows it. Don't tell it to others or we sue you.
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    Did you mean:

    What genius programmed this?
    What genius reviewed this?
    What genius put this live?
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    @intromatt they will if you find the maximum delivery range js property 😄

    "in Berlin: hey Erhan! there's a order from bulgaria, pizza.de says you have to deliver it. 😳 "
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    shites, you can't use the same phone number twice -_-'
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    It still works! Sending out vouchers to friends and family!
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    The console output suggests to me that this is not entirely unintentional.
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    @hrombach Or he's just forgetten to remove his console.log
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    Holy shit ur actually right
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    Dude it's kinda like pizza huts survey: you find out a store number, you get 10$ off 20+ order whenever
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Another error, if you open in a private tab you can play as many times as you want '-'
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    @henseiderv you can’t reuse the same phone number though
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    @zmzmuazzam98 100% do this, they'll probably give you a reward of some kind
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    This is just lead gen tool. They want to get you ordering and will upsell. I have built fake competitions like this before which are cheatable in console. No need for backend because they client just wanted people to order using the code.
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    The 404‘d the site.
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    This is fun because they just got free advertising to all our German friends on here
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    @AlexDeLarge oh, c'mon! I went through all those comments to look if someone made that joke already and of course you did! Damn!
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    It's seriously still exposed xD ?
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    I think they just fixed it 😟
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    I guess if you tell them you can convert from a black hat to a pizza hat.
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