A: My Product Manager

Excel because she cant wrap her head around using Trello. WHAT THE FUCK!
Some people exist just to make things more difficult for everyone else. Fucking pain in the ass.
This person is one of the most incompetent one I have ever met.

I dont have enough words to express my rage right now.

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    i admit, I use excel too because of my CTO and the lack of a better tool, but it is the real pain in the a**. Luckily it is integrated with Redmine and our time reporting software, without that it would be usable for tracking dumps of shit only 😁
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    We are a few people who made a pretty advanced google sheet to plan, register work time, and track progress because we haven’t found a better / as simple alternative yet.
    However for managing what to do we use issues and projects on Github.
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    Use Google sheets instead. Tell your product manager that 😁
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    @hmharshit rings a bell??😂😂
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    Do they print the file out on A3 give everyone a copy, then fill it out in the meeting to update the digital copy later to email out.

    And then repeat process for each meeting? Cause that what I deal with day to day. It saddens me greatly.
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    @Floydian And then the complicated excel sheet borks and bites you in the ass...
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    If you can use excel to setup balancing for games like age of empires then you can use it to manage projects.
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    I think it all depends on how well you can trust coworkers not to fuck things up, and how well you have integrated workflows into the spreadsheets.

    Asana, Trello or Taiga is probably easier to use though.
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    @randomio my wtf GIF is not uploading on devRant so I will just scream WTtttFuuuuu
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    @Floydian Product Manager is the designation. Also double up as the project manager.
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    I can add some cents here:
    One of my former project manager used excel as well. I did not thought about it because I did not care about it. But thinking about it now, I remember that he used this ... "Plan" ... In collaboration with 2 other people. And they "shared" it by emailing updated versions to each other 😂
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    I keep calling our planning guy "Senior Scrum Product Management Sprint Coach Owner Success Master Wizard Planner Oracle", because over the course of three years he has used all of those words at least once to refer to himself.

    It pisses him off.
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