Any programmers/software engineers/developers here that studied I.T. or Computer Engineering instead of CS in college?

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    I think I am too old or our education system differs a lot. But what are the differences between them?
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    @2erXre5 I'm not sure. In my country(Philippines) those are different college programs and I am really confused on what should I choose
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    I went to some private institution when i finished my schooling to study programming for games.

    Got a job right out of it, since then I've moved on to a really well known company on a much bigger salary.

    I did no University education, niether did i do CS.

    I did this on a government student loan since i had fuck all money. Hope this helps.
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    Network design major and IT security advanced minor. Programming was learned only to the... bare necessities...
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    Got my bachelor in I.T, but did my final year internship as a .Net dev, and landed a job as a dev.

    At first, i thought i would never liked development, then i had some courses, and now i really love it
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    Yes i do
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