Dad calls:
D: Hai, so, um, my pc's not booting up.
Me: So?
D: What do I do now?
M: You tried fixin' it?
D: That's why I'm calling you.
M: I'm 400km away from you. Does it do anything by pressing a power-on button?
D: No. But I touched it, it's really hot.
M: When was the last time you cleaned that shit up?
D: I have to clean it?
*PC is located at dusty environment at work. 5 years old and is being turned on 6 days a week*

Clean. Your. Pc.
Oh, and yeah, it overheated, burned the mbo, power suply, and cpu cooler stopped spinning.
It's like Satan threw a curse on a pc, and took a piss on it.
The best part? He's mad because I "never help him nor have time when he needs something to be fixed".
He can fix the PC in a pc shop that is across the street.

So, you doin' any better this week?

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    hey classic rant!

    my cat is dying and i couldn't stay at home so i spent the night in a café and i'm still there. great week so far
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    @lolicon fucking hell man. Looks like this month started like shit for everyone.
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    Go back to your cat. He needs you now more than ever.
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    @zlice the struggle is real. :(
    And for the most of problems, I have to google the shit up, and send him the link.
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    @fico45 In those situations I still use "let me google that for you"
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    @Szeyu ye, not sure if my dad would understand the point of it.
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