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    Wow 🤣
    I'd say I am guilty of using some jugaad once.
    It was our external practical exam for algorithms, I wasn't able to write a perfect one,mine handled only few cases.
    Evaluation time : professor came ,ran a test case ,the one that my code handled 🤩.
    Ass saved ,but I wasn't very proud of my self 😅
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    @ceee happens to all us Indians at least once. Happened with me twice in my bachelor's degree.
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    How come that the teachers just give the grade and don't bother looking at the code even once.
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    @LinusCDE we have 50 students and there is one teacher, basically no one gives a fuck
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    @LinusCDE @drekhi12 we had multiple ones but still not many fucks were given 😅
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    @ceee @LinusCDE well at least my teachers didn't know anything good, they are still outdated and unwilling to learn new things. Those who new their shit didn't take shitty lab exams.
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    Relatable. My friends did the same. Although one of them got caught and had to give the exam again. But, as our education system is horrendous and outdated he managed to pass.
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    I guess something like this happened to me too... I was supposed to write merge sort program... wrote whatever I thought would be merge sort ( I didn’t know merge sort algorithm ) and tested it... sorted perfectly...
    Still don’t know if the code was right or wrong 😂😂😂
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    Same happened in one of our final project assessment. Front-end was supposed to save entries to a remote database. Nothing was working as expected. So my friend manually created an entry in the database, and while giving demo to the professor, he simply added those entries in the front-end and then showed the prefilled db entries and claimed them to be the new entries. Flawlessly executed!
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    My God, I'm laughing so hard right now hahahaha.
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    It's not "a code" or "codes". It's just"code". Sorry, but this just grinds my gears.
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    @not-a-muggle things like android development are not even talked about by the teachers at my college. 🤐
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    If you are from Delhi you'd get it and it's worth telling.
    Else I'd say it's a generic govt. "University".
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    function rand() {
    // Guaranteed to be random.
    // Decided by fair dice roll.
    return 4;
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