I am torn apart for several months now. My boss and coworkers are amazing people, projects are quite fun and interesting, workplace is close to home and they pay for my exams (step by step reaching for MCSD certification), but...
The salary if fcking low (you could probably earn same ammount while working as a waitress of normal restaurant). Not only for me of course, but still :( Now I am thinking of running to some bank and doing boring programming job coding same tasks again and again, but getting payed very well

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    Wait until you finish your certification, then renegotiate your pay check.
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    @C0D4 that is the plan right now, though I doubt that they would raise my salary enough (+ 100-200€/month as I know is possible), probs I will just start searching for another job when I will have all certifications I want
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    @Lutut see how it goes, since they’re paying for it, I would suspect they wouldn’t want to loose you straight away. If not, you have a new certification to go into another job with.

    Win win either way 😎

    Oh 10++, go get yourself a new cool and amaze balls avatar 👌
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    @C0D4 my boss just annouced that we will get a free pluralsight membership... I guess not so bad
    Yeah, now I need more points for a cat, better glasses and computer for my avatar... goddammit, this is like my childhood dress up game, just for programmers 😂
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