So, all the jobsoffers that went through the headhunters turned into rejections.

The ones I applied for myself all resulted in success 🤔 makes yyou wonder

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    I have wondered if they just want to send people through the process even while knowing they won't be selected. As a female I think I have been to a few where they were just going through the motions so they can say they tried to be diverse but could not find anyone skilled.

    I recently had one episode where I passed a technical phone screen but when I arrived for the in person interview things turned cold. I think they were surprised to see a 53 year old mom. They cut the interview short and led me toward the door in about 15 minutes. The recruiter said they said I was not senior enough. I have been programming professionally in their stack for nearly 20 years.
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    @georgelynch yeah always some bullshit... I had one company where they doubted my technical skills while they did not even test that in the process or had a look over any of my code lol
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