How much of real programmer are you? I am just at VIM level :D

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    I know enough Vim to make small edits to an existing file, save and/or quit. But I'll generally use VS Code (recently switched from dodgy copy of Sublime), or JOE in the console just because that's what I used when I first tried Linux.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 if I am on a remote server, dealing with huge files, need quick navigation and searching vim is my preferred tool.. Otherwise it's sublime.
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    And then there's VS code...
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    Previous employer, all editing do in vim on Solaris, c++, makefiles, commit messages etc.

    Current employer, C++ in visual studio, with vim plugin, all other misc files in gvim.

    Alt home desktop, visual studio code in Linux, with vim plugin.

    Home server, all editing, including remote login coding on my phone (I wish I was joking) in vim on FreeBSD.

    Last week my team lead said that I'm stuck in the 70's. I'm a millennial though so I wasn't even born then.

    Applications with input fields that close the window when you press ESC are the bane if my existence (I'm looking at you beyond compare), I can not untrain pressing ESC before saving.

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    Pfff butterflies... I create miniature black holes and encode my programs in the matrix of the type II2 string membranes. No real I/O is possible due to the information paradox, but as a functional programming guy I'm used to purity.

    Rumor has it that our universe was started by a superentity who was convinced building particle accelerators and mastering string theory was easier than learning how Vim modes work... but I guess we'll never know — :wq! doesn't seem to work in holographic universes.
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    As an Emacs user I would totally believe this
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    I ALWAYS use a magnetized needle and a steady hand it is so much faster and you have the most controll over everything!
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    Forever ed
    Emacs is anything ***except*** a editor
    Nano is just nice
    Cat is just a sh tool
    A magnetized needle can broke reality as we know it
    Learning vim
    Soon i'll learn butterflies

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    I use scratch in a web browser inside a linux mint vm on windows xp.
    I BE A 1337 hax00r
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    Seems I'm the only one who can handle Microsoft Word.
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