When I decided to comment my code

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    Zugang zum comment my ass 😂

    What language is that anyway?
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    @bioDan "Zugang zum Meer" is german
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    @ng1905 fun fact: German and dutch are similar but "See" in German is "meer" in Dutch and "Meer" in German is "zee" in Dutch...

    In school the only way to remember it was Rammstein.

    @Floydian thanks :)
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    Where is this? (As in, near which Bulgarian resort) Is it real?
    They managed to make not only point the obvious but to do it in such a ridiculously way too!
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    @PRein I guess the shore just got eaten out by the sea, and this sign used to point a way to the former sea level.
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    @ng1905 thanks :)
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