The fact that I publish a contact email address on my GitHub profile for email about my fucking GitHub doesn't justify sending me unsolicited shit!! I get that you want your product out there, I get that you don't want to pay for.. you know, regular fucking advertisements, just like everyone else, because your product is entitled to special treatment, right?!

Let me tell you something, Yaren Sahin. Just like with Clark from InVision and the Chinese motherfuckers with their injection moulds from earlier, this is a clear reminder for me to avoid your unethical business like the plague! Fucking piece of shit!!

(better quality screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ZL3ebFZ.png)
Which by the way I'm actually legally allowed to upload, because this email was unsolicited. You know, because unlike those marketing people I happen to know the laws a bit.

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    Dark theme + dark text 😒
    Otherwise fuck him 😎
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    Hah! Mailer-daemon just notified me that it couldn't deliver the answer to this obnoxious cunt. Quite entertaining indeed! So hereby dear Yaren, my middle finger salutes you!
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    Hey man, i might be a bit stupid atm, but how do i see this in full quality, imgur version is blurry as well, is it because im on my phone maybe?
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    @Kulijana their mobile rendering is shit yeah.. try viewing as desktop site, that should return the full-scale image πŸ™‚
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