Our favorite ticket system blokes are back with a big fat update for their software.

What changed?
All workflows are fucked because everything is somewhere else suddenly!

Half of the features suddenly stopped working!

Variable formats in forms have been changed from {} to [] without reason, migration or warning! Sorry, {Username} ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Half-assed features that don't work half of the time have also been added!

Fucking great!

Who beta tests this shit? Nobody?

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    In german there is a word for this crap: verschlimmbessern.
    (Could be translated to making something worse by intending to improve it)
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    Worst thing about all of this shit is that they can't fix their stuff on their own if i don't point the obvious out to them with my limited Blackbox testing opportunities.

    How can you fuck something up that worked without a hitch for over a year?

    They broke the core of their project, the fucking input of start and end times and took 3 FUCKING WEEKS to fix it after i painstakingly tried to make it clear to them that the entirety of Android webbrowsers didn't suddenly change the way they handle their fucking front-end code.

    How are you still in business!?!!
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