Laptop or PC? Justifications welcome.

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    Depends upon requirements and usage.
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    Unless you need portability, PC will mostly outperform laptop from its price and performance
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    Decisions between a spoon and a fork...
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    @nate Now I'm interested.
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    A laptop with PC specs and sufficient cooling, anyone's wet dream
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    @zlice You just need a huge battery attached to it, easy
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    Desktop, because I like to code at a desk, that desk is the same one every day. Money considerations are next, but the first 2 are paramount. Others who differ in the first 2 points will have a different preference & that's perfectly rational.
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    Both is necessary
    You need perfomance of pc
    And portability of laptop for travels or out of home
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    You mean expandability vs portability?
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    Laptop for development, don't see the point of gaming laptops but ultrabooks are the best of both worlds, fairly powerful hardware and portability.
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    Desktop with a huge screen..
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    I would recommend pc
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    @PhpForever what about laptop with external monitor ? + nice nickname

    To answer, in performance and price desktop is better.
    But it's useful to be able to have your project with you, so i guess you need both :P
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    laptop with monitor: Nooo.. waste of laptop screen..
    Thank you..
    Wow.. what a advice.. buy both
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    Hi-end laptop if you need to move a lot, and have to do everything on that machine.
    PC otherwise, paired up with a laptop/tabled-with-keyboard to ssh/vnc whenever needed.

    ...That said, gaming laptops forever.
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    @PhpForever No waste of laptop screen, you now have two screens
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    Desktop. I always despised laptop keyboards.
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    I use a laptop mainly for convenience. And I have more than enough specs for what I use it for.
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    If you just can afford to have one of those and you are often on the road then I guess your best bet is to go for a Laptop and a 2nd monitor for desk use with a nice mechanical keyboard and mouse. 🙂
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    Unless you want portability more than performance, PC is better option.
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    PCs are great. Laptops are good if you are a student or if you travel. If not, a PC is way to go. I personally like PCs. It's powerful and multipurpose.
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    @AlexDeLarge why so mean? If you didn't like the question you have the liberty to completely ignore this and do something valuable to you life and human existence. Yet you decided to spend your time on being a mean person. I think you do the same on Stackoverflow as well.
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    @KAS89 You have to admit: Your question is purely based on opinion and personal situation, so yeah, without knowing what your usecase is, your question wasn't more than, as I mentioned above, comparing spoons and forks. You could argue that your question wasn't very wise.
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    @monkeyboy you named one argument (sitting on the same desk everyday aka portability not needed) but then say "also money but the first two are paramount")

    Am I morning blind or is there not second argument besides money (which you excluded with the but)
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    @Codex404 I can see where you think I only stated one reason due to the wording. The 2 things I stated first were 1) I like/prefer to sit at a desk and 2)I sit at the same desk everyday. Related, yes, but different. One is a preference, the other describes my working environment. Someone could very well work at the same desk everyday but still prefer a laptop's form factor.
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    @monkeyboy but if one sits at a desk everyday for work personal preference doesn't really matter.

    I prefer worming in bed but if I always work at a desk there is no need to buy a laptop for bed, since I will never use it there.
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