It's 2018 and I am forced to add new features on project that was deployed in 2003 and lastly updated at 2009.

Best part is that PHP version on the production server is [drum roll] 4.3.8. I found out that this version was the latest at July 2003. On top of that, server runs on Windows Server 2003 and the database is oracle (meaning php driver is needed).

I have spent a WHOLE WEEK just trying to recreate that environment in order to start working on the new features.

Sorry for grumping but I had to take it out somewhere.

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    Welcome to running the past in the future! Where nothing works and if it does you won't know why!
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    You can still be happy that you have to implement new features. There are people out there that have to fix bugs all day in such a project. 👌
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    size of code base and database complexity?
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    In that's case, make a backups for all, and deploy new instance in production server.
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    Hahaha that’s funny and we as developers understand your feelings.

    But seeing from the business perspective, why the heck would we change things if they’re just working? Hun?
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    containerize it
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    @heyheni not familiar with containers only read some articles. No time to study them now.
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    @varch new requirements from the client. They need “advanced search tools”
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    @JMente oh yeah backups. I forgot about that... eh whatever I am James Bond Code
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    @ralnivar about 200 php files and at a glance around 50 tables. I wish it does not come to a point where I should learn the complete project structure since there is no framework. I just want to get this of my head.
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    @N-o-X at this point this could be possibly better because I will only patch a part of code and not add to it meaning that new components have to be compatible with the rest project.
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    Get the infrastructure upgraded or leave that forsaken project.
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