Shit... I just got my phone stolen. Realized it 40 seconds post factum [left it at the shop counter and someone took it].
20 minutes later called the police [cuz I had to get home and use wife's phone].
5 min later poluce arrived
10 min later they got all they could from shop's security officer.
Police officer asks me to login my samsung acc on his phone. 2 minutes later we are on the way to the exact location my phone is at.
15 minutes later officer hands me my samsung 😁

got my phone back in less than an hour after theft.

maybe... Ummm... Maybe all this tracking thing is not that bad...?

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    That is some fucking efficient police work, nice.
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    @CoffeeNcode Interested too
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    We used to be afraid of police in our country. That fear is a legacy of our history and militarized police back in the days.

    But now... Now our guardian angels are putting A LOT of effort to change their image. Nowdays we actually feel police is protecting us. They are actually doing everything they can to *help*, not to *punish* [like it used to be before] :)


    P.S. This happened in Lithuania's capital, Vilnius city.
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    Props to the police
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    Well, the thief was stupid - to leave the phone turned on.
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    Police actually doing their job wow just wow what’s next.. armagedon?
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    Wut. In my country police doesnt do anything with the gps data of a stolen phone. So much for first world country lol
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    In my country, if you call the police because someone stole your phone, they will say to you to go to the nearest police station to register it.

    Nobody will go to the place where it happened (even if someone steals your car). Nobody will try to find your phone. They will insert it as data in a computer and done.
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    In my case, my thief was smart. Turned the phone off & hasn't turned on since. I guess they sell it for parts these days?

    Police in my area had a nice app to declare lost artifacts. Once submitted, they keep a lookout on the IMEI number. But nothing has come up yet.
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    Lucky you! Someone broke in our van and took my phone.. We called the police, they arrived on scene to do the checkup and report. I showed them were my phone is and they said they can't do anything about it.. o.O
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    It was faster than some of the comments here 😅
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    Tracking thing is usefull if only you have access to it not government.
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    I just upvoted this rant. But this upvote for that police officer!
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