Tomorrow I will be rolling out a completely brand new system company wide. Spent the last year working on it.

First time ever leading a project of this size and importance.

Wish me luck. 😫

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    Cool, good luck
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    And you don't have a QA system to test it on first...
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    @iAmNaN even with a QA, user testing, a year long project being deployed is scary as all hell, let alone at this time of the year.

    Good luck @Nachfolger
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    Good luck 😁
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    We wish you a very good luck, 🎶 we wish you a lot of good luck. 🎵 We wish you a very good luck 🎶 and a happy new year. 👨‍🎤
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    All the best buddy
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    Deploying after a year of implementation is terrible project management :/
    That being said, good luck!
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    @willol I think he meant production deployment not first time ever deployment ..

    i hope he is.
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    Good luck, but is there a specific reason you decided to roll it out on Christmas?
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    Let us know how it goes
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    Good luck and keep us updated!
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    Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I didn't want to speak too soon and have to eat my own words.

    Integration went great, few minor fixes here and there. No ground breaking bugs... yet.

    Thanks for all of the support.
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    Nice. Good luck. That is a good sign because the Bosses trust you
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