Hello dev-fellas.
A cousin of mine is a craftswoman.
She wants to set up an online store that she can manage.
Which tech is the best/easiest today to set up that?
Prestashop? Shopify? WordPress with any plugin?


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    I’d go with shopify.
    Don’t use wordpress as ecommerce.
    Never had any experience with prestashop.
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    @C0D4 thanks.
    Those are the 'names' I know (not being a webdev). But if you know any other please do tell.
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    @grayfox not being a webdev...

    yea shopify would probably be the better way to go then, and their templates are pretty much ready to go.

    Woocommerce (wordpress) needs some know how, unless you are happy with mangled plugins and templates.

    Otherwise if you were a webdev I’d point you to something like osCommerce or magento depending on your knowledge of things.
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    I'd probably go with prestashop or Shopify
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    @irene I really have no idea. English isn't my native language. Sorry if I made a mistake.
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    If I was building something like this, even with a background in development, I’d probably start them out on square space. Better platform and websites than Shopify. Square payment processing. It can get them up and selling. If they are selling well, then it’s pretty scale-able. It’s a lot of work to make an e-commerce platform from scratch.
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