This is really creepy. Yesterday I was talking to my parents about buying a Thermosteel flask. Today I opened Amazon and this is what I see.. (attached pic)
I am pretty sure, I didn't looked for it even on Google.
It may be co-incidence but still..

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    Android phone?
    Google Home / Alexa?

    That mic is always on.
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    I had a similar experience yesterday talking to someone about something I'm not even remotely interested in and then I had a Facebook ad for that thing later in the evening. I've never googled anything even close to that. Was about ready to throw my phone out the window when I saw.
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    Some guy did a test where he talked about dog food for 15min, has never had a dog or bought any dog food, then went onto amazon from a freshly installed browser, and there it was, massive ads of dog food.

    Link: https://youtu.be/zBnDWSvaQ1I
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    ... Or an Android.
    After all IPhone does it too.
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    Next step is a discussion about weed, and the day after, a SWAT team break into your house and accidentally shoots your dog.
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    These days buying a smartphone is not buying a product, but paying to be the product :)

    Unfortunately get used to it, or use an old phone...
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    @rynken yeah that is most certainly it. I find it disgusting tbh.
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    Would be rad to see an actual test case done on this. All fresh machines and phones. No apps then test each app one by one and see what happens.
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    @norman70688 not really. They just have worst contracts for selling your informations. Apple also cares little about privacy infringement. That extra money Apple products cost is for their design, not their security or your privacy.
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    @C0D4 guilty.. Android phone.
    I also thought it is because of Alexa but it was disconnected (not connected to power source)
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    @rynken nope, I don't use fb.
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    I was talking about Edward VII and the nutter who fired a [blank] gun at him during the Trooping of the Colour as it passed down the Mall. The next time I opened Youtube there was a menu of suggestions about it. Serious;.
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    I got something that looks exactly like the red bottle for free..
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    i talk shit every day and amazon recommends me shit everyday, coincidence?
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    I'm experiencing such coincidences very often these days. My colleagues & I, on the same wifi network, started to receive similar ads. I was asked to work with another team for an electronics & mechanical project in a factory located at a different part of the city, for alternative days. Guess what. They're receiving the same ads that we receive in our office. And we at our office receive ads related to electrical and mechanical tools.
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    if the person you spoke to did, that's all they need to know
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    This is probably a case of the Baader-Meinhof effect. So it's a coincidence.
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    Since the mic is always on, whatever you say is processed locally and then targeted words are sent
    This is with every cellphone, home assistants at the least
    The devices don't even need to be connected to the internet for processing of data to targeted words, once connected it can easily send the words it needs to
    It's scary, and not really sure how to overcome this
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    @justasithlord it would be easy for the manufacturer. They would just need to add a led that tells you when the mic is on. After that people would be way more conservative in using it.
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    Me after reading this....
    Though I doubt it will stop them
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