Do you guys still work on your personal project after work or just to tired/burned-out when you get home?

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    I can never only have code at work. I can’t explain it. I HAVE to work at my own stuff at home. Feels like sucking blood for vampires to keep you alive.

    If I don’t code my stuff I go to depro and miserable state.
    I like it, it’s interesting and fun.

    I prioritize often my personal projects over any kind of work overtime, because I am the master and chooser in my own time, and for gods sake I have all the time I need to develop sane, well tested and no-legacy solutions in my spare time.

    I have personal life, actually, not a hermit or something. It’s just my hobbies, and coding is in the center of them - they are part of my life.
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    all the free time I can spare I spend on my project. This includes hours after work, nights, weekend evenings/nights, my kid's nap time, etc.

    all the overtime I spend at work I try to exchange for my off-duty hours, rather than cashing it out. So I could spend more time on my own ideas, on my own code
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    I try to and want to work on personal projects...but usually after work, family, and other obligations I just dont have the mental capacity left to work on my own stuff.
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    Some weekends I will work on side projects. I have other interests I want to kindle as well. People are different
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    I have to because being a wage slave will never make me rich when the salaries are so shit; making my own thing is the only hope left.
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    @N0-Flux-Given I’d say it’s erm... Positive effect of negative environment?
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    Some days i work at my projects, some days i play videogames.

    Can't stay doing the shit at work 24/7. I need some break.

    At work is just webdev, at home is systems development(studying it since i want to break into that field) database analytics projects and ai projects.

    It is also important to use a completely different tech stack. For example, at work is php/node/java/ and the rest of web markups and stylesheets. At home is clojure(mainly) python, rust and C.

    Got to keep it interesting.
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    I use the time on public transportation to work on my projects. That's 45-50 minutes per trip.
    I'd love to do more, but family stuff keeps me busy.
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    Of course yes. I work from 8am to 6pm everyday then personnal projects until 10pm, then either I play game or continue projects.
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    sometimes, though more often than not, i just YT vids or play games instead
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    I have enough time to work on personal projects at work :D
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    I do, but I reckon it requires a lot of motivation.
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    For me it's generally something productive after work. Either coding, watching a conference talk, sports, ...

    If your job sucks I recommende doing a really fun and cool personal project you, as you might loose interest in programming if you only code at work.
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    I try.... but ends up playing games or sleeping.
    It's like I want to do something but when I get time I'm exhausted like hell my mind is not in the state of doing any work related to learning new things.

    I used to spent a lot of time on personal projects but now it's shit maybe there is something wrong with my routine which is causing this.
    No fucking clue why this is happening.
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    @rutee07 you had a typo in your above comment.
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