Windows 10 once again held my computer at ransom! When it finally came around after the update, all it really seem to do is place Edge back on my task bar. No... Bad Microsoft, I don't use or want Edge.

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    Ugh...Mine did that and added Cortana back after I went through the trouble of disabling it in the first place.
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    I'm sure Edge and Cortana are very good, but I just don't use them.
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    The worst thing that i at times started to use that as crome seem to lockup more and more for me so net banking as stuff i need to use edge
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    I actually like edge more than chrome
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    hope microsoft force uninstall firefox and chrome, and block reinstall, forcing every1 to use Edge.

    Love to Edge
    (and when a site causes Edge to crash or it don't look right, its usually a bad webmaster who can't code)
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    That's why I made the switch to the edge, they've forced me to do it.
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