BOSS: That icon is not centered, move it slightly to the right
ME: You're wrong, I can garantee you it's centered (it was centered)
BOSS: Well, my eyes are telling me it's not, so move it to the right
ME: (faking increasing margin)
ME: Ok, now it's 10 px to the right, what do you think?
BOSS: it's a great result, now it's perfect! Cant you see the difference?
ME: Absolutely, you do are the real designer here...
BOSS: Ohhh, stop complaining, you'll learn one day...
ME: Yep.

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    Well done
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    He wasn't wrong. You learned something that day...
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    @Cube189 Maybe I don't get your comment, but from what he said, the boss was wrong
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    @altermind He faked it because he knew he was right and the boss didn't even notice the "difference".
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    @Cube189 right, you said "You learned something that day", but you should say that to the boss, not the rant author
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    @altermind I think @Cube189 was pointing to the fact I learnt not to trust my boss' eyes. At least. And I'm a gentleman now :)
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    I was going thought the same stuff..man #seniortroubles
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    Lesson learned: sometimes it's necessary to humour the boss, even if the joke is on him
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    @Cube189 To kiss his ass and fake changes. Works everytime!
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    Haha nice one!
    Welcome to devRant :)
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    @yarwest thanks ;)
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    I love how people actually take piss like this
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    That is the very definition of micromanaging
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    I do that every day in the inspector. Boss wants the logo bigger so I do it in the inspector, show it to him, and then clear my inspector.
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    @altermind he learned its better to fool the boss than argue
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    Your skill in Office Politics has increased to 8.
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    Nothing works better than a placebo
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    Dear God... Some of these asshats just have to demonstrate who is in charge. All they're really doing of course is showing how clueless they are!
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