So I was out at night with some friends and one of them mentioned her fast ultrabook got slower with the windows updates (Win8->Win8.1). I asked what was her daily tasks to get a base usage.
Me: maybe you should try Linux.
Her: oh yeah, I've heard of that.

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    My wife was always complaining about how much her Windows sucked, so one of these days when I bought her a different laptop, I put Linux Mint on it, showed her the basics, and never looked back. Her usage is like 85% browsing, 14% watching downloaded videos, and 1% Skype. After ironing out some initial quirks, everything has been working well enough for years.

    Myself, I like to tinker so I'm in the process of installing FreeBSD on my laptop, with full-disk encryption, FVWM as the 'desktop', etc. Windows I can (have to) use at work, I don't need it at home as well.
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    Is it only me who check if this post have hidden punchline? Because I totally expect a punchline 🤔
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    Yeah, I thought there'd be a follow-up wrt the girl…
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    @SomeNone @Dity there isn't one, I was confused about which post category to choose. After a talk with a tech savvy friend I came to the conclusion that not many "regular" people know about Linux. The more you know...
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