So I have complained to our landlord about a noisy neighbor who keeps blasting shitty music at midnight, and technically its against the law as well, but this bitch ass joke of a human being ignored even the most highest of authority.

Seeing I can't solve it with democracy, I finally gave up with any reasonable type of way to restrain this motherfucker (even calling police didn't help) and went full asshole with him

I know his WiFi uses WPS PIN, but I'm not gonna throttle his network, I want to piss him off so much he'll regret living beside me, or at our place entirely.

So I performed a Evil Twin attack, I had my Raspberry Pi act as a both cloned AP and a deauther. Finally the plan came to effect.

I ran the deauther in his AP, effectively disconnecting his devices, and had the devices connect to the cloned network. The primary aim of my attack is to annoy this bitch ass to the point of no return. The project I used serves a website on the cloned AP like a update for his router. I intentionally made it run overnight, blasted Lo-fi hip hop and went to sleep. Before I dozed off, I can hear their scream of rage because they can't blast their music at full volume (waddaya guess, they use Spotify).

I finally woke up the next day, and I find neighbor complaining about me, and they were trying to tell the landlord I was hacking them. It's technically true but its not as bad as domestic disturbance for a full fucking week.

Landlord asked me if I did it, I declined, she believed me (I know she does because she knows I'm a pure soul unlike this mofo). Then he left frustrated, threatened to sue me for hacking.

I just smickered, he can't really prove anything unless I was being sloppy.

Nowadays I get good sleep and finally we live in a quite peaceful place now. Now you may ask, what happened to that guy? After he threatened me, the next night he found his things outside his own room, he was kicked out by the landlord.

Moral of the story: we ain't hating on your music taste but don't showcase it like its the most important thing in the world when everyone is sleeping. Case and point, don't be an asshole

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    This is beautiful. Congrats!
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    That's what I call karma at its best 😎
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    As great of a story this is, keep in mind: everything you put on the internet stays on the internet. If that asshole were to find this post and figure out it's you, he could use it as evidence against you.
    We all love a good tech revenge story, but you said it yourself: don't be sloppy ;)
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    that guy should've just used headphones lol
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    @irene Careful @caramelCase got your IP:
    You're going down!

    (Good job on making the cunt get what he deserved)
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    maybe that guy have different concept about sleep and rest
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    That was an elegant solution.

    Hats off! :)
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    Technically you are sloppy by writing about on here.
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    Hey, can you hack instagram of my hf? I will give the details on DM.
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    Beautifully done
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    Amazing. I had a noisy neighbour who also made noise past midnight for 5 years. I ended up moving. A month later he was kicked out too. Not for being noisy but because they were going to renovate the building
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    This is the kind of revenge I wish to seek in life. Sadly, I don't hate anyone. :(
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    > he can't prove anything unless I was being sloppy

    > Puts a very detailed story about it on the internet admiting to everything

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    One doesn’t simply hack & rant all the details about it. 😌
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    I love happy endings 🖤
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    Props and kudos 🙂
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