For the first two year of my engineering I believed having a good developer profile will land you in top companies(eg FAANG).

Later I realised doing competitive coding will help you to get in those companies.

But at the end I saw one of my friend getting into those companies by only doing specific type questions that are usually asked in these companies.

Moral of the story - Just by practicing some specific question from some premium website(eg leetcode), you could easily get into your dream company.

PS- I was not selected in any of these giant companies and later on took an internship in some start up which was again a tragedy for me.

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    Then study those questions and memorize them?
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    @SukMikeHok In case you are lucky and interviewer asked u the same ques that u have memeorized then I guess u will get selected plus you should be having some knowledge of OS and dbms.
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