I started programming pretty young, launched many small businesses (from gaming to eCommerce, nothing really successful), by the time I got to my engineering school to get my CS degree, I already had a good knowledge base and I was way advanced than the other students, I even could learn faster alone compared to having a teacher and fixed hourly classes. But now after graduating, I become a developer at a startup (a story for another day), I totally lost my motivation to learn, to programme and to start side projects. Maybe it's become boring or maybe I just hate being an employe.

Did you ever feel that way?

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    Long story: Yes, that happened to me as well. But my point of no return was at the time as I became father. From then on, I haven't been motivated to work at all. Too much stress on each personal and professional level. And I haven't had any time to invest in learning something new, that is really a pity.
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    There's always stuff you can do to improve workflows. For every company I land, I put hot reload build systems on stuff, and design file structures. Bet you not a lot of companies have a system where when you press save, you don't have to take down a process and restart it. That is key for a startup with very little man power
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