I love VSCode though.

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    MS bad reeeeee
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    Atom is a sluggish piece of shit
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    @12bitfloat Sounds like you last tried Atom a long time ago. It got much better, to a point I prefer it to VS Code.
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    @deadlyRants You're right, it was a few years ago
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    @deadlyRants Then I have to try it.

    I used Atom before, but it just got so slow that I had to go the way of sanity and use VSCode.
    Even though I don't like MS (was before they also bought GitHub).

    But as said I'll give it a try again. I really liked the sleek design.
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    @Haxk20 every microsoft OSS is good (the irony)
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    @Haxk20 .net core is also really good
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    @Haxk20 not liking != not good c'mon man
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    Mandatory vim comment

    I use arch btw
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    Vim is the way to go for me. Although Apple's scrolling through the texts in Vim is very painful.
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    I prefer VSCode to any other GUI editor.

    Vim FTW though
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    @neoxaero I use vsc as my ide, Jetbrains when I have no idea what the heck I'm doing with a project, and sublime/vim for quick stuff. Depends if I'm showing something since it confuses people who aren't experienced devs.
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    Mandatory notepad++ comment from the cute newbie dev who has slowly been learning javascript on and off for the last 6 years on Windows.

    Mandatory emacs comment from the person who compiled Gentoo from scratch and always has the longest beard in every room he enters.

    Mandatory Jetbrains comment from the person employed by the company which loves paying license fees.

    Mandatory Sublime Text comment from the OSX hipster who refuses to try out other editors.

    Mandatory Nano comment from a smartass who has never used linux outside of a VM.

    Mandatory NeoVim comment from the ultrahipster who spends 40h/w ricing his desktop and another 40h/w writing a new Minecraft clone in Rust.

    Mandatory Codepen comment from that rare autistic frontend dev who insist on creating complex animation sequences using nothing but CSS

    Meanwhile I've been using pen and paper all day... drawing out DB refactoring schemes.
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    VIM + Language Server Protocol (*) + Debugger Adapter Protocol

    For better VSCode experience.

    *) Language Server Protocol was created by Microsoft for Visual Studio Code and released as an open source project with a permissive MIT license (standardized by collaboration with Red Hat and Codenvy)
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    @deadlyRants you also changes my mind about Atom Because i thought the same as @12bitfloat
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    Try elementary OS' code
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    Git rekt'd boys!
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    Vs code is awesome, I don't use anything else, used to use sublime text which was good and atom before that which I enjoyed but vs code is outcompeting them hands down.
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    @cervantes01 How come? I think you can install same language server and debugger in both, then it's just UI difference.
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    I just avoid them cuz fuck electron apps. Hail Emacs.
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    @bittersweet I don't spend that long ricing, normally.

    Great comment though.
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    @erikdreyer11 Honest question - what does VSC provide above the following:

    - code highlighting

    - code completion

    - hover docs/definition

    - jumping to def

    - workspace symbols

    - finding references

    - diagnostics

    - debugger integration

    - static analysis

    - coding standards fixing

    I ask because all of those are provided by LSP, DAP and linters, all of which can be used with almost any text editor nowadays (literally, there's an LSP client for Notepad++). And if there's something else I wish to know so I could add it to my `.vimrc`.
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