When you need to use PHP for EVERY project 'cause your coworkers don't know other languages... *sigh*

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    Still better than some deprecated 90s technology
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    @yarwest yes, but writing a web crawler with no native threading is a pain in the ass.
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    You can use queues and jobs. You might have a look at beanstalk and beanstalk console and supervisor to manage them. Then you can scale processing rate with the hardware. Laravel is pretty cool in this kind of stuff.
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    @zantekk pthreads?
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    @0tikurt yes, but not included in the default distribution. U need to recompile one yourself.
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    @Letmecode try Adobe Coldfusion
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    I wrote one python script once... In a project of probably 500 bash scripts (who writes an entire test automation framework in bash!?!?)... All I can say is screw them
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