My employer has a dev studio in Cali.
The office is gigantic.
It has amenities.
It has a stocked fridge full of iced coffee, energy drinks, and apparently wine.
All the devs have totally enviable hardware.
And they probably earn twice what I do, or at least 50% more.

Yet they write absolute shit, never test their code, and push broken updates every day, often marked as "ready for final testing." Their codebase is full of hacks and guesses and stale cruft and worst practices. I wrote a rant recently about one of their fuckups, which involved 18 million Facebook errors per. day. So that should give you some idea as to the quality of their code, and their level of can't-be-bothered.

Again, they make 50%-100% more than I do.

Their whiny lead dev is bloody lazy when it comes to building things correctly, and totally prefers to half-ass everything and complain instead. He probably makes 150% of what I do, doing like 25% as much work, and maybe 10% as well. Doesn't quite compare though, as he's a Unity dev, not a backend dev. So his work isn't as critical.

Bloody pisses me off.

"But their cost of living is higher!"

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    For context I should mention that it's in the most expensive city in Cali where renting parking spots costs you $400+ a month, and renting a 300 square foot studio apartment is $4k+/month.

    Now imagine the rent for a huge commercial office.

    Oh, and the devs have free catered lunches from restaurants of their choosing every day.

    Totally freaking expensive for total freaking crap.
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    Luckily I don't have square feet if they cost that much
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    Hang in there dear favorite superuser account.
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    And then they go home to their small flats rented using enormous amount of money.
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    I approve of this rant
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    I know a guy like that lead unity dev. they are both whiny assholes that wouldn't fix shit amiright?
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    Success in society is 100% down to who you know.

    Welcome to reality. It's a bitch.
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    @Wisecrack Life's a bitch, indeed. They all got fired. They'll be gone soon.
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    @hash-table where isn’t shortage of good people Today ?
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    Fired, like just while this rant?!
    This hit the fan like a cannon ball.
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    @scor When through the second floor, through the roof, crashed through your neighbors roof, and flattened dear old edna the neighborhood cat lady
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    You will always find people in better and worse situations than you.

    Belive in statistics.
    That situation might be the same for them.

    Also isnt their position great? Yes what if you get 200% more but in addition to that you dont overwork yourself by coding propely? Less work and more money at the same time!
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    @Gregozor2121 These people should not even be coding, let alone employed doing it. 🙄😞

    Yes, they're that bad.
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    Good read. Totally inspired me to not be like that.
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    The US economy is correcting and their are several signs pointing to a another recession.

    They will get a rude awakening soon.
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    In a money making company usually code quality doesn't matter. Only thing matter is fast delivery to keep clients happy.
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    @xsid Some level of correctness is also advantageous.
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    "Some" is a measure, in this context, which means "very little, but not none."
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    @superuser Everybody needs a duck-squeezer in their kitchen. Look how happy John Doe is!
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    thats not a bug, thats a feature.

    a test product that gets sold but doesn't exist is a product that has a 100% profit margin!
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