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Flags.legal_drinking_age = True

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    Happy Birthday!
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    @shoop for some reason it's only 18 for Australia
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    @terraria99 happy 18th, May your first booze binge give you new understandings on how the world of physics doesn't always work.

    Ps: when you're lying on the ground, holding onto the grass by the fistful and still feel like you're falling, you are ready for the real world.
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    Quick Tips.
    When hammered, only Cold water and fresh air will help.
    Nothing else.

    In case of Methanol poisoning, drinkt ethanol and immediately get to an ER.

    Getting drunk can be very, very fun indeed but drink just a shot too much and you'll retch all over the place.

    I may only be 17 but here in Germany we're legally allowed to drink certain types of alcoholic beverages at 16+.
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    Different alcohols have different effects, regardless of how little sense that makes, so experiment! Different brands can, too: Tito's makes me happy, while Grey Goose makes me tired and depressed.

    Also, the clearer the alcohol (generally) the less of a hangover you will get due to less additives. Hangovers are mostly from dehydration though (from metabolizing the alcohol), so drink plenty of water to avoid them. Also, don't go straight for hard drinking. You're not used to it, so you will totally make yourself sick. Drink slowly until you figure out how much you can handle, and how quickly.

    Don't drink anything with a worm or similar marketing ploy. That is the lowest quality crap you can find.

    Some alcohols (particularly mezcal and scotch, but e.g. gin as well) have very intense flavors; probably best not to start with the first two unless you enjoy licking campfires. A lot of beer is also pretty terrible -- and terrible for you. Seriously, beer causes a higher blood sugar spike than straight sugar, so it can and will make you gain weight. Instead, try something like a mixed rum drink to start; tasty and not super strong. If rum isn't your thing, go for vodka as it's the least likely to give you a hangover (it's basically pure alcohol and water). Just be careful not to drink too quickly. I also recommend ice as it reduces the burn a little.

    I would normally recommend some whiskeys or tequilas, but not right away. You will likely give yourself a nasty hangover if you start with them. Like I mentioned earlier, different alcohols have different effects, and that's true of tequila in particular.

    Oh, if you have a single free drink somewhere and want something you will actually feel, get a Long Island Iced Tea, or a variant of that like Tokyo Tea or Adios MF -- they boast about three shots each, and are absolutely delicious. Just don't drink more than two or you will be making puddles on the floor, especially if you haven't built up a tolerance yet.
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    imo beer sucks
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    Don’t press reset button to much without vitamins and minerals, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C are your friends.
    If you go for strong alcohol drink glass of oil or eat something with lots of fat.
    Also drink water with lemon juice afterwards and during the heavy drinking period (vitamin C). People will be amazed how you keep yourself alive.
    If you drink something with more than 70% of alcohol take deep breath, drink and exhaust. Most of alcohol evaporates in your mouth and that is why you’re drunk more from stronger alcohol.
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    @terraria99 here in Belgium the minimum age for buying regular alcoholic beverages like beer and wine etc. is 16. Stronger things like vodka is 18. You don't even need permission of a parent when drinking under the age of 16. If your friend is 16, he can give you permission to drink under the age of 16 if I recall correctly. Pretty nice.
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    @Ranchu You're even allowed to drink alcohol at age of 14 years in Germany. As long as your parents are okay with it...
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    Why you can drive (suitable for mass murder) and own automatic machine guns (designed exclusively for mass murder) but can't drink alcohol (can only harm yourself) under 18 in america is beyond me. Anyhow, I wish you good luck with your drinks!
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    So it's the end of your illegal drinking
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    @Lor-inc The hell are you talking about? Automatic weapons are quite illegal here, and virtually do not exist outside of the military.
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