Why do people compare languages? Like C++ vs JAVA, C++ vs Python, C++ vs Elixir?
All languages are best in their own specific use-cases. So why we need to compare all this stuff?

Or might be I am wrong.

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    C++ and Python are used for CLI.
    Java,Python,Elixir are used for Web.

    That's why they get compared.
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    Most people compare things to ascertain differences.

    Intelligent people compare things to identify use cases where they're appropriate.

    Brand builders like to write trash articles, comparing two things is low effort primary school writing.

    Individuals with low self-confidence compare their favorite technology to prove its superiority.

    Those with agendas compare things to justify their actions

    Lots of reasons.
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    First, there are many languages which are being used in one domain so that you can pick one or another.

    Second, for some devs, the programming language is not just a tool but something which is interesting and exciting on it's own. Just like in mathematics for example.
    And even if you see it as just a tool, there are still many reasons to compare them. Like how safe is it, how easy to use, and so on.
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    Most languages can be used in most roles. For example a web server could be written in Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, or a dozen other languages. There aren't that many projects that are "the use case for X language" IMO; most of the time any language fits just fine, and that's why people like to compare them in general, to decide which one is generally more worth using. (After all, we'd surely be better off with fewer languages floating around. Just think of all the work that goes into making, learning and maintaining each one that could be avoided if we didn't have so many duplicate solutions.)
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    @metamourge Mostly PHP and .NET are used for web. Java is really minor language in web developement and is used more for corporate systems. And Python? Never seen it used for web developement. Atleast not in some serious business, not in small side projects.
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    @hitzoR your limited exposure to this does not constitute a fact my man.
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    People compare languages because they are retarded really.

    All languages are is tools, and like any other tool they need to be used in the right context as right tool for the right job.

    Some compare languages because they think it makes them sound l337, where in reality it doesn't. Its about some of the most whinny and pretentious bullshit a developer can do.

    Having preferences sure!! why not? we can all have preferences. Acting as if our tool selection makes us better than some other is just pathetic.
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    @hitzoR Java is used quite a lot in web dev. Spring boot, Apache tomcat.

    Python too. Django.
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    @hitzoR Java and Python are two of the most used languages for web stuff... Java especially.

    Probably much more than PHP these days, in fact.
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    Comparing them to find the "best tool for the job" is natural, normal and a good thing to do. As you say, they've all got their strong points.

    But yeah, many people compare them for egocentric reasons, and that's just insane. I've seen people defend languages way more than their original creators even would.
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    If I was starting new team I'd ask a few questions:

    What are we skilled in?
    Are our current ways the best ways?
    Could we simplify things just by learning the basics of a new language?

    I use Scala on a daily basis because I work in Big Data and that's what it's good for, but the reason that it's good for that is that it's functional but also strongly typed like Java. That doesn't mean that any other functional language can perform the same.
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    @AlmondSauce @AlgoRythm @AleCx04 https://w3techs.com/technologies/... Feel free to check their methodology. I would say these numbers pretty much reflect numbers of job offerings here in Czech republic - PHP is easily the most popular web backend language here.
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    @hitzoR mind you that this is precisely what I mean. You do have limited exposure to this, but I that is not the same case everywhere else.
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    @AleCx04 What are you talking about? 10 million web pages is a limited exposure? You should probably get out of your social bubble and look at the wide picture and PHP being the most used language will make much more sense to you - developers are one of the cheapest on market and are much more common than Python ones, the language and frameworks like Symfony are really mature and it has been used for more like 10 years consistently, so there are lots of legacy applications that are still used and developed even years after their original creation.
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    @hitzoR try again. I manage an entire web development department in which php is our bread and butter bud. Limited exposure MEANING *your* situation surrounding the LOCALIZED exposure you have to said technology i.e JAVA in this situation. Meaning: not because Java is not the predominant tech market in your area MEANS that it is the exact same for every other place on this here blue planet.

    Note that I was not criticizing you not working or knowing Java or anything of the like. Its perfectly fine and understandable, but it is limited exposure based on your geographical location. Same as me telling everyone that Rails jobs dont exist because here where I am at is all php and Java or whatever. It is me making a fact out of MY limited exposure. That is what I am referring too.
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    @AleCx04 C'mon, 3.5% market share is really tiny and nobody would compare it to Python for web developement, as the guy I replied to said. You're totally overreacting here.

    And show me some place anywhere on the Earth where Java beats PH and asp.net or atleast gets 10% backend web developement share. It's not about exposure or knowing just one part of the world, it's simply about Java (or Python or Node.js) being unsuitable for web developement. Sure, there can be companies where they primarily use them, but the bigger the sample size, the smaller their share will be.
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    @hitzoR I guess Google, Amazon, Netflix etc are fucking up by having a JVM series of web services then. To begin with you mentioned your exposure to your local area, not around the world. And here in my city there are 10 Java development positions looking for candidates, and only 2 php positions open, 1 of which was opened by my departament since we need people. This is not a reflection of Java being more popular as a web tech, just that here in where I am it is what it is being looked for. That is my point. Of course php reports are going to be sky high man, I agree, php powers WordPress which is everywhere. But nothing of the like means that Java or Python or Node are unsuitable for web dev, that is subjective af to your opinion, not a standard fact. I could easily point how, as far as general programming goes Java is still number one in Tiobe. There is a reason why we use Java in enterprise level dev is all I am saying.
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    My question is not like you guys start comparing languages.

    PHP is good for web API development, WordPress and many famous tools are on PHP.

    Python is for AI

    C/C++ is good for Embedded programming. But if you try python, it may be doing some trouble in Embedded bcz of speed.

    Developers, need to focus on use cases. If you try to make an Embedded program in PHP, it causes you a lot of trouble. So why this fight?

    @SortOfTested is right. read their comment I think
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    Like anyone else on the internet, you are wrong!
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