My classmate is a real SAVAGE!!

He (team leader) and his team participated in hackathons several times and kept losing.
He noticed something common about winning team, majority of those team members were women, even if they were non technical and their project was pure bs, they were winning in the name of women empowerment.

This time he came out with a plan, he fired his boys and invited women into his team, and even made one girl the team leader.
Result? HE WON!!!


His so called women team was invited by Google to pitch their startup idea.

Now, if they gets funding, he's gonna kick out these women and bring back his teammates

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    What even the fuck
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    The sexism is real.

    And I dont mean him, I mean the hackathons and Google and the whole politically-correct sexism that like everyone seems to follow and force upon everyone else. It's stupid and demeaning and destructive and I hate it.
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    This sounds too predictable to be real...
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    True. When competing for funding in a Startup company, the people you're trying to woo and get money from care more about how good your company looks. How good they will look for funding it more than they care about how good your product is.
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    @odite yeah, sounds like a
    "Oh shut up Rebecca, he did not say that" - situation.
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    Why did I expect Stuxnet and Root here...
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    Isn't it really demeaning to have the mindset of "woman must win because she is woman rather than for work she does"?!
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    Were the women he hired made aware they're being used as discardable props?
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    Im no trying to be rude, but i really do hope this rant is a joke.
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    This rat-shit is happening all over the world. Every community has its own "White Male" section that is actually being discriminated against for supposedly being privileged.

    I feel angry....
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    @AmbientTea Yes, they all know whats going on. They're friends
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    @Liz3 well I can post his photos of hackathons, but I don't want to try too hard to prove myself
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    Okay then. Sounds like a plan.
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    Great Plan
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    Don't get rid of them, keep them as sales reps
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    @halfflat The thing is people have no sense of balance.
    If earlier women (or any other section of society) were treated as second-class citizens in tech world (or any other field),
    then to rectify it,
    instead of ensuring that everyone gets treated equally based on just merit,
    the handful decision-makers chose to create a new category to identify those people and gratify them with special treatment.

    So they replaced the old and apparent class system by creating a new and discreet one.
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    Maybe you're doing the wrong hackathons. I was for a long time. Most of serious ones I've been in/around (techcrunch, etc) were generally unbiased. I've lost fair and square in most cases.

    Regional and local hackathons, you can pretty much keep an eye on who the judges hang around and know who will win. Nepotism is more of an issue than any sexism in those. One in Houston was particularly blatant, produced a neural net that color checked print correctness and made changes otf and lost to some child with the tech equivalent of a baking soda volcano who coincidentally had the same last name as the sponsor.
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    @odite that true but with the man-ism these days i kind of believe it. Girl power is gotten so serious that like we’re basically just reversing the 60s. People are biased towards women and then just so sexist towards men I kind of believe what he’s saying. There’s also a possibility this could be a made up story based on true events to raise awareness to the fact In the developer community a woman is praised for writing a freaking hello world code, which I feel is also kind of underlying sexism that’s a point for another day.
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    @SortOfTested you're right, this is observed mostly in hackathons organized by govt colleges
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    If you are an indian then its definitely smart india hackathon we are talking about
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    From my idea of Hackathon in my country, a good presentation skill plus putting out dummy codes that doesn't even work with photoshopped interface that wins the Hackathon champion, 1st runner etc.

    Several team including me built a functional MVP with a concrete solution tackling real life problem barely win anything.
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    We have several testimonies on how women struggle way more than men to get funding and responsibilities, so if this rant's observations are true (which I find a bit improbable), they are not representative of the state of our industry.
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    I don’t know fake, it looks Rick
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    @AppleLover anyone with any actual skill relevant to the project is optional
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    @retard wtf do mean no?
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    Woman side is getting attention, that's true but it's not balanced on everywhere. I accept an equality with equal responsibilities and equal treating.

    What we have to do is apply a small dosage of testosterone reducer on juries so they won't think with their smaller brain and give medals to women just because they are women.

    And that may be not ethical too, I'm not a professional psychologist.
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    Yeah saw this happen quite a number of times. I like hackathons who keep a separate award for encouraging female coders, and awards that any gender can win in an unbiased way.
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    Thanks for the idea.. 😂
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    The scale is tip on one side so we try to fix it. Guess what? It is now tip on other side.
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