Any Covid-19 virus stories to share on how it affected your dev work live?

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    I was living in Shanghai during the first SARS outbreak. We still had to go to work.

    I'm now living in Seattle during the second, and everyone is telling professionals to stay home.
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    Apparently the person in NC that has it was in my town for a few days.

    Gonna go lick me some door knobs lmao
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    I commute daily on the train route which connects Zurich and Milano. As a prevention measure I have stopped using the Euro City trains and only take local trains.
    Every morning at least 2 people are coughing in the bus without using a handkerchief or into the ellbows despite the new guidelines.
    No cases in my town or where I work yet, but there will be soon enough.

    I'm really pissed off of how the swiss federal office of health is handling the situation at the border to italy. EuroCity trains still run as if nothing happened despite the terrible situation in northern italy...
    Multiple countries have already been infected by travellers who have been to northern italy.
    How hard can it be to stop the trains?

    I personally don't fear the virus nor the disease. I fear the economic and financial impact it will have on all of us.
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    I wanted to eat can food and there wasn’t any in store and when I picked some bread in supermarket cashier didn’t want to touch it trough foil.

    Hanged out with my friends Today, they banned welcome handshakes in their company and I suggested they should congratulate each other instead of greeting.

    Nobody is sick in town and only one person in whole country yet everyone is freaking out.
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    Im pretty paranoid and 2 cases just popped up in my city so imma go on home office and see what happens next.
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    Vote COVID-19 2020
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    I'm beyond annoyed...

    Everyone is acting far beyond stupid...

    I think the following sums it up:
    A: yes and everyone must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

    Me: do you even know how to wash ur hands?

    A: Of course...

    Me: how long?

    A: ...

    Me: at least 30 seconds washing your hands... Hand sanitizer is pretty useless, it needs at least two mins to be anti virulent, depending on virus type and sanitizer compisition even longer.

    And then there was silence....

    Seriously... It's terrifying how dumb and naive people are.
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    A client company stopped world-wide operations.
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    @vane The fact that there is just one confirmed case doesn't mean that there aren't hundreds or thousands of infected in two week incubation period without any symptoms.
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    @PonySlaystation what terrible situation? Man, just like 100 people died. Thats nothing. 0.00002% of the population.

    I'm pretty sure the flu killed a lot more people than that, and the flu mortality rate is higher, yet you see no one talking about it.
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    @Quirinus There are more dead than just 100. And the fact that you most likely won't die doesn't mean you should spread it, so more elderly people die. Don't be a selfish bitch, please.
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    @hitzoR elderly people are the reason all these annoying people are around, so fuck them.
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    I stayed home for two days to make sure I didn't catch it when I started feeling sick

    That's it
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    @SortOfTested Do you still get paid if you stay at home?
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    People are stashing canned food, and I fucking hate it. They're going to throw said canned food away after its expiry date, while preventing ME FROM FUCKING BUYING AND ACTUALLY USING IT
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    @Quirinus You must have been reading some bullshit pamphlets.
    I'm tired of hearing brainless, non-scientific people telling others that "it's just a flu" and "the flu is more deadly" (the same goes for those who yell around "we're going to diiiiieeee!!").
    Some basic understanding of how viruses work and hard data will tell you that SARS-CoV-2 is in fact not "just a flu".
    Incubation time is somewhere between 2-8 days, the flu only 1-2 days. So people with the corona go travel around, doing whatever they want and suddenly they get sick, the the people around them suddenly get sick. With the flu you feel it early and stay at home.
    You may want to check your numbers.
    By the way, virology is not just about the mortality rates. Viruses with a low mortality rate can be worse because they may spead farther and disable people for longer time.
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    @Quirinus Here is some basic mortality rate caculation:
    (numbers from Johns Hopkins, based on official reports, 06.03.2020)

    No. deaths in China: 3013 (d)
    No. recovered: 52259 (r)
    Cases with an outcome: d + r = 55272

    Rate of death in %: (100*d)/(d+r) ≈ 5%

    The number is not precise, as some cases need more time and mutations of the virus can change future outcomes.

    The problem with your point of view is that you think in absolute numbers. Viruses can spread exponentially, they start with a few individuals and after a handful of weeks you have massive numbers.
    Please think about that.
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    They cancelled our yearly event 😟 no mo travelin abroad
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    We are forced to do home office. KubeCon is postponed, all F2F meetings are forbidden. All trainings are cancelled. Throws us back several months. And I can't even teach my team efficiently.. It's fucked up
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    @Kashmir +100 respect 😊
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    CERN has drastically increased teleworking allowances, blocked lots of meetings and stuff of that sort. Also, if we want to travel to zones with a high infection rate we have (but aren't forced, actually) to quarantine ourselves for two weeks at home... bit of a shit situation, but it'll pass. Everyone's already thinking about the possibility that CERN might close down for a couple of weeks or more if deemed necessary, it'd be a hard blow on research too.
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    The biggest problem might be the mutations. For example the virus found in Italy already had at least 2 mutations. We can't possibly know what is the given mutation responsible for. It might be anything. Better, faster spreading, more deadly, ability to infect different organs,...

    So far, the virus in Italy seems to have higher mortality.
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    Here is genetic the tree I was referring to: https://nextstrain.org/ncov
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    @hitzoR Listen here you moron (if you're insulting me, let me return the favor). Did I say somewhere that one should spread it, or not be careful? Stop putting words into my mouth to fit your narrative and frustrations. At the time I wrote that, there were about 100 confirmed dead in Italy, so stop with your bullshit lies. If you dont like facts, go sell prayer cures and homeopathy.

    As for elderly, we all have someone elderly we care about, so your little emotional guilt trip tricks can fuck off.
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    a) Dont insult me, you retard - just returning the favor.
    b) Don't put words into my mouth. Quote where I said "it's just a flu". Sure, I made a comparison, because they share some similarities, but no where did I say they are the same.
    c) I didn't say we're all going to die. I'm just trying to balance all the bullshit media that builds panic and damages economies.
    d) Don't assume things about me. I have a pretty solid scientific background.
    e) Sure, incubation times and other details are different, yet the fact remains that the flu kills more people on average (if my quick sources are correct), has killed much more people this year, and is very much free to spread, since forever. Yet the media does not give two shits about it, while they push people into a frenzied panic about corona.
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    f) Check what numbers? I didnt mention any numbers related to what you're saying. Please set fire to your strawman and take that broomstick out of your ass.
    g) No where did I say corona cant spread faster/farther/longer, and that it's not dangerous. I just dont like all the hype around it, which is causing a lot more problems.
    h) your argument that lower mortality viruses can be worse isnt helping you, because corona and flu have about the same mortality, the flu has it a bit higher, so theyre in pretty much the same basket if we look at it like that.
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    Please be civil and stay on dev topic. No insulting on my rants. Thank you.
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    @PonySlaystation yeah I know they have the potential to spread exponentially. Yet, they dont. Because of different population distributions, differences in populations, measures to stop them, terrain, climate, seasons, etc.

    To quote you back at yourself: "Please think about that."

    So who's the one thinking in absolute numbers here.
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    @heyheni Sure thing, as soon as they stop insulting me, I will stop.
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    @PonySlaystation Besides, absolute numbers are not bad like you seem to imply. They are a part of the picture. They do mean something.

    And I do talk about the relative, you just like to skip that part and fallaciously state that I dont.
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    @Kashmir Sure, the reports vary. I'm curious to see the numbers of the aftermath.
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    Seems I was quite wrong on the mortality rate. My apologies. But the rest of what I'm saying still stands.
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    @lamka02sk viruses dont mutate to be more severe, because that negatively impacts their ability to spread. They dont want to kill you, they just want to spread. So if a more viral strain shows up, it will usually die out.
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    @yellow-dog That's not correct.
    First of all a virus can't make decisions. The spreading of a virus is depending on a lot of factors. A disproportionally high mortality rate compared to its infectivity may lead to less and less spread because the hosts die quicker than they infect new ones. Mutations happen more frequently in RNA viruses because RNA has no opposite part in the helix to correct for errors thus leading to changes in infectivity, severity, target receptor binding etc.
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    @yellow-dog I have to disagree with your statement, that virus can't get more deadly. The virus can't think (obviously) and so mutations are not predicatable at all. They are completely random - even virus doesn't know what is it doing. Mutation is a mistake made when splitting. So yes, it can become more deadly.

    Then, there are 2 ways the virus can work:

    1. It becomes both faster at spreading and more deadly over time, so in the end after a few mutations it spreads very quickly + kills many people.

    2. It becomes mild (the disease lasts longer, so the virus has more time to spread), but less fatal.

    3. Stays the same

    Number 1 is less common but not impossible and it depends on how will the virus mutate over time.

    The number of fatalities in Italy is very high compared to all other countries. It really seems to be a deadlier variant. The problem is that we can't tell by how much exactly, because number of infected is rising rapidly.
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    - fever

    - cough

    - shortness of breath

    - start buying toilet paper
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    @PonySlaystation Lombardy and Milan is under lockdown. Are you happy now?

    Who's from milan btw?
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    @heyheni SBB trains are still running (as for now) 😅
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    @PonySlaystation that is so stupid and unresponsible...
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    Our entire team has been forced to make home office. Not a real thing, i mean working remote is very easy. Everyone has experience so it is a really enjoyable change, even if only till corona is history.
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