I used to like apples Autocorrect. I use the english and german keyboard.
but since my main language is english and I only write german when chatting with my family, sometimes I'm too lazy to switch keyboards.
Now the german and english corrections kinda got messed up.
it started to correct my intentions like:
Such - Sich
Nein - Nine
Dich - Dick
Gut - But
Fuck - Duck (don't know where that came from)

which can lead to unfortunate sentences.
So I decided to disable auto correct about a week ago.

What I realized is.. it's fucking impossible to type precise on a fucking smartphone without it.
even this rant took me about 10min to write..

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    Fich that noise.

    Meanwhile I've somehow trained android to autocorrect fich to fuck.
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    I even hate the spell check within English at work where most documents are in chewing gum English. You know, with missing 'u' left and right, 'z' where an 's' belongs and all this shit.
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    Can't you still use a different keyboard on ios?
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    @electrineer you can. But they are shit compared to the default one.
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