What kind of songs do you listen to while coding ?

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    I usually get streams instead of picking songs Δ±ne by one.
    Chilledcow LOFI study
    College Music lofi
    Mubert (seperate app)

    But if I have to go offline, I listen to some saved hour long lo fi compilations.
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    anything from bob dylan, oasis, eric clapton etc.
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    Noisia Radio as it's often instrumental
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    A lot of Sabaton.
    Dance with the dead has got some great tracks too.
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    Mix collection of several underrated lowkey vibed songs
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    This shit is BRUTAL!
    I love it!
    Just 5 minutes into it and I am so proud of my neighbours in NL.
    Fuck yeah!
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    and i'm not easily convinced!

    obvioulsly -.- =D
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    @odite And I just discovered this Today . I'm loving it though
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    Coffin dance
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    Something with strong rhythm. Von Wegen Lisbeth is a long time favorite.
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    EDC on plug.dj or "world of house radio" nowadays.
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    > thread

    Caravan & The Moody Blues
    @-red, at first glance you got sum good stuff there already
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    I listen to the sounds of my soul being crushed. Sometimes I switch it up, and listen to the sad tune of what my life has become. I guess I pretty much listen to everything. The only thing I don't listen to is my inner voice telling me to drop everything and run away to some far off distant place far away from computers and dumb people who pretend to know how to use computers.
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    @MASTER-ELMO lifeRant is the second to last door.
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