Never in my life I thought I would be ditching chrome for Edge browser,
I am honestly impressed with this new chromium based browser.
Features I liked
- Make PWA for any website
- Immersive Reader
- All extensions of chrome can be installed on edge too
- More customisable
What I didn't like
- It is yet to come on Linux :(

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    Does it do less spying than Chrome? Serious question. Or is it same same different overlord?
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    @Demolishun I don't have a link to the article but I've read a few months ago that it has MORE telemetry and spying than chrome. But do your own research if you're really into that.
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    What about firefox?
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    @Lennerd Just curious. I just assume someone is doing something shitty to me when I am no the net anymore.
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    The new edge lets you control on how much information you want to share, and the new version blocks off many trackers too just like we have in brave.
    have a look at this https://cnet.com/how-to/...
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    @ishank-dev Do we know if it's "real control" or "Windows 10" like?
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    if you care about telemetry or useless brandwith lost due to a ton of shit which is sent to some random servers for "analysis" i kindly remind you about the existance of pi-hole :)
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    +1 for built in “Read Aloud” text to speech.

    Also, Collections is a looooooong overdue innovation over standard bookmarks. It’s like Workspaces for my browser.
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