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For those of us who are in a dating relationship, how do you handle dating (someone you are sure you will want to get married to), tight work schedule and learning new things about tech???

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    What is relationship ? It’s is some new js api that I don’t know about?
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    Auto text responder and programmable personal massager.
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    On my end :

    What is a " a dating relationship" Never had one
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    It is called "having a life". Most of us (and certainly i) don't.
    If you want to have a life, you obviously need to reserve time for that. An hour a week isn't enough.
    For a life featuring a relationship with a real human, you need at least a full day per week where you spend almost all your time with that other human instead of your work.
    And that might not even be enough. Some humans request _two_ full days per week for even considering a relationship...

    But the hardest part is convincing that human that you are a human too.
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    You have date a co-worker who is also smarter than you. Also, no drinking/video games/netflix.
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    Like people doing any other job?
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    Most other jobs have something that isn't known in development: Idle time.
    In development, there is always a ton to do or learn. It is also normal, that there are really long running tasks having maximum priority (sometimes they get split up into a massive amount of short tasks with high priority, but the end result is that there always is something to do wich has maximum priority attached to it).

    Most humans unconsciously expect idle times to happen eventually. They delay having a life to "when there is time for it". But that moment will never come. There will always be something important to do or learn.
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    Pick what is most important to you and work on that.

    Protip: it's not the job, and it's not the shiny new frameworks.
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    Learn to manage your time. As pointed out in the comments above, human relationships require time invested. Some more than others. If that person requires more of your time than you are ABLE to invest into them, talk with them, explain to them why you cannot invest the amount of time into them that they would require. If you don't WANT to invest more time in them (dev related activities - whether it's working or learning - always take precedence) leave the relationship. You have to assess your priorities and manage your time accordingly. As a sidenote: the longer a relationship goes on, the less time invested it requires. New relationships almost always require huge amounts of time - which makes me glad that I got married before starting a dev job. Spending 14+ hours a day on dev related activities during the week and only having time to invest into a relationship during weekends (if I so chose)... I don't personally know if I could keep up with the demands of a dating relationship...
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    @hardfault relationship.js, did not you hear it?
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