They’re trying too hard.

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    It is actually far better than Edge, and as good as chrome! :) What are you disliking?
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    @akshar well it technically is chrome but with a theme
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    They could have just shipped chrome or even better Firefox as is. They don't even have to push it. This screen is seen everywhere. From billboards to automatic parking gates. Thank you ms for pushing a pop up that is always on top...
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    Been using the new Edge since it was a technical preview.

    I like it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Because of edge, chrome will get an update to reduce the ram fingerprint from 1/3 upwards to 2/3 of the current fingerprint.

    Because of edge, chrome now lasts longer on battery usage.

    Because of edge, the industry has to move faster to a better browser standard. And I’m fine when they use a chromium based edge instead of the real google chrome.

    I don’t understand the fuzz, it’s pretty much only a good thing apart from Whiney wannabes.

    EDIT: The new edge is still compatible with the existing firewalls/setup many, maaaannyy people have, I’m mainly looking at schools, Uni, you name it. Using google chrome or Firefox would mean more effort to change things, which people won’t do, but an update like any other you do is way easier.
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    @akshar the fact that i had to click through those damn popups, before i was able to use my PC.
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    @ilikeglue i think there is still a diffrence between chromium and chrome
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    @J4s0n support ++
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    That appears everywhere because people buy Windoz HOME for industry usage
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    @Linux I was wondering that myself, why the fuck would they do that. Always on systems cry out for UNIX (secure, stable, resource friendly).
    I was wondering if that is because management software is written for Windows so they keep the entire solution homogeneous.
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    Wanted to test it.

    No support on Linux though.

    U now... can’t be bothered then...
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    Maybe, but it's pretty good, have been using it since beta and it's nice
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    Huh, I didn't get this popup. Probably because I've been using it already.
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    @PlatinumFire honestly, I would not count on that. If they would check your browser, they would also realize, that I was on Linux.

    I jus arch btw!
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    @kwilliams yeah, same here! I actually really quite like it.
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