Guess I'mma go fuck myself :)

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    Nice knowing you.

    How do you forget that one?
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    @C0D4 I'm special that's how lol

    I'm pretty sure it's on my laptop. Haven't checked yet though.

    And to be fair, I mainly used it for logging into places to pay bills. I remember most of my "essential" passwords.
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    What a great time to clean up, huh?
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    I relate many of my passwords to objects so they're easy to remember. Memory palace and all.
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    @Root seee I've got a pattern. But I was worried about locking myself out like the first account I made several years ago (~5 or so) if I tried too many times.
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    this hint makes me laugh 😂
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    @vane It’s so Stuxy!😅
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    @vane @Root My laptop password hint is "Learn to fucking type"
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    @Stuxnet That's probably a lot more helpful than many hints

    Also, want me to store your master password in my KeePass DB? :D
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    @Jilano it's a tempting offer but I think I'mma store it on a sticky note next to my keyboard.
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    Apparently I changed it at some point within the last 6 months and didn't remember doing that. Oof
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    @Stuxnet Just in case, I created an entry called "Stuxy's porn stash"
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    @Jilano I'd be careful when it comes to associating yourself with my porn 👁️👄👁️
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    @Stuxnet How come? Are you building your own sex dolls like @rutee07 from pieces of your enemies?
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    @Root that is an oddball way of doing it but I can see how efficient and good it actually can be. Good job.
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    I describe some of my jewelry, make a comment/joke about the company’s logo, rewrite the title of a book, come up with an amusing phrase about games and/or game dev cliches, etc. They usually relate to the account/service in question, so if I can remember the related object/idea, it reminds me of the password.

    They’re All long passwords, not easily guessable, and are easy for me to remember. (And yes, I do write them down in a password manager just in case.)

    Depending on complexity rules (and account importance) I might use a hash instead. I often modify these a bit so I can remember them in a pinch, too. Still high entropy, but with new and improved in-jokes! Those really are difficult to remember, though.
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    @Root oh WHOA. You put a lot of thought into a password. I only use a password manager.
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    @Stuxnet wgat I do is I put my finger on the first key of the password. after a while the muscle memory usually does the rest.
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    How to write a password reminder
    Google: write an actual reminder with a deeply personal clues only you know
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    My password is pretty simple it's


    And my email is even simpler

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    @Stuxnet oh no, your instagram password, how you gonna complain about them hoes???????????
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