Dad walks up to me and says

"im reading the news right now and bill gates wants to buy tiktok for 50 BILLION DOLLARS. Why cant you make some app like that??? Cmon why are you so useless"

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    Seems like a healthy relationship.
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    Fuck your dad very much
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    Your dad seems cool. Maybe you should do what he says.
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    After seeing some of your posts/history, I can't say I am surprised.

    I know it's easier said than done, but try to get away from such people.
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    Lol I find that interaction hard to believe specially since it resembles the webtoon The Sound of your Heart a bit too much. If it's true though I'm sorry. Perhaps you could make a comic.
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    "sorry, I'm not into spyware development"
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    @rutee07 would you be so kind?
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    Sad part is he thinks he is motivating you. At some level he cares. He wants you to do better. Try and interpret it as positive intent, even if the execution is shit. Sucks.
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    Sounds like your dad might be kind of a narcissist better to keep him not very close
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    Well, seems Like your dad, too, believes you are a Tech jeebus because you can program.
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    tell him: Can you do a better hamburger than mc donalds? then build yourself a food empire...
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    "Hey dad, with all the bullshit coming out of your mouth, how come you're not a successful restroom?"
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    The love of bad parents...
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